Day Out..?


Our dog day care facilities are fabulous, dogs never make a backward glance once handed over to WONDERWOOFS . Whether you want a dog free day out, or have to work all day, whether you are on holiday in Norfolk or you have builders in at home we can cater for your needs, just call us.

There's loads of room to romp and play in our fully fenced, all weather surface dog playground area. If your dog is friendly to other dogs and you give permission they can have walks and play sessions with others. We have acres of glorious farmland and tracks as well as nearby woodlands and heath for exploring so there's never a dull walk.

All of our day care visitors are walked and exercised several times a day, meaning once you collect them they will go home to sleep contentedly and dream of their next visit to WONDERWOOFS .

Full and up to date vaccinations are required for day care.